Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to learn in a Habruta format or can I study on my own?

We would like for everyone to be learning in Habruta, or if there is an odd number of people in a group of three. For those that have never learned in Habruta before, this may feel odd and a bit difficult at first but will be an organic process that maximizes your experience.

Is there a fee to join the Bet Midrash?


Is there a registration deadline for the Women's Bet Midrash courses?


Is there an application deadline for the fall group of teaching fellows?

No but in order to begin the fellowship in time, you must apply and be accepted before the semester begins. 

If I am not sure if I want to commit to the Teaching Fellowship at this time and I start out learning in the Women's Bet Midrash can the courses I take count towards the fellowship in the future?

Yes, as long as you pass those courses. In order to pass a course you must have attended 80% of the Bet Midrash sessions at the time that you took the course, you must receive an oral agreement from the course instructor that you exhibited proficiency in the class material studied, and you must complete an exit paper or assignment to make up for the missed exam.

If my graduate school costs less than $30,000 do I still get the full scholarship amount?

The Teaching Fellowship scholarship awards fellows with up to $30,000 towards their masters degree in education. If your masters degree costs less than $30,000 there will be a possibility to utilize the balance of the stipend for educational expenses. An application will need to be submitted for approval.

If I am already teaching, can that count towards my internship requirement?


If I take a public speaking course in my college or graduate school does that fulfill my public speaking requirement?

A public speaking course in a college or graduate course would satisfy the requirement.

If I go to Stern College and I already took a college course in one of the fellowship required cores, can I take an elective instead of that core?

This will be decided on a case by case basis. To start, we need your course outline, syllabus and any work completed for the course. You will also be required to take an exam or submit a short paper to assess your mastery over the course.

I took courses in the old Allegra Franco. Do those courses count towards the 18 required courses in the teaching fellowship?

Not automatically. The structure and requirements of the program have changed. An oral assessment of your knowledge and a review of your transcript and class syllabus will be required to have those courses count. 


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