About The Program

A blended program for those looking to be Judaic Studies educators. This program gives those looking towards the educational track the tools and support they need to become master Judaic Studies educators.

Program Requirements:

  • Fellows must be enrolled in an undergraduate program with the intent of getting a masters in education or enrolled in a graduate program for education.
  • Fellows must commit to a three year learning program in the Bet Midrash. In these three years, fellows must complete a total of 18 courses or 3 courses per semester. Fellows must also log an additional hour of independent learning time in the Bet Midrash each week. Fellows can choose to fulfill these requirements during the following slots, each slot corresponding to one course:
    ○ Sunday 9:30am-12:00pm
    ○ Monday 7:00-10:00pm
    ○ Tuesday 1:00-3:00pm
    ○ Wednesday 8:00-10:00pm
    At the end of each semester, fellows will be tested on each course in order to assess their mastery of the course content.
  • Fellows will receive a breakdown of the following sefarim for independent weekly study:
    ○ Nevi’im Rishonim
    ○ Esther
    ○ Rut
    ○ Ezra/Nehemiah
    Weekly quizzes will be given that will test for basic knowledge of content in these sefarim of Nach.
  • Each fellow will be paired with a community mentor. The fellow and mentor will meet once a month for one year of the program. The mentor will provide fellows with first hand experience on how to give a lesson and create a lesson plan. The mentorship year will end with the fellow giving model lessons.
  • At the end of these three years, fellows should be able to give a judaic studies class in Hebrew. The Head of the Bet Midrash and Director of Professional Development will help advise the fellows regarding different programs they can be part of in order to help advance their Hebrew language proficiency and ensure that this goal is met. Any costs related to these programs must be covered by the fellows.
  • Fellows must complete a public speaking course on their own time.
  • Fellows must complete an internship in the Judaic Studies field at one point during this three year program. Fellows will receive targeted guidance and mentorship on available internships and opportunities.
  • Fellows will be asked to write a Debar Torah twice a semester on a topic that they are passionate about to be featured on our website and additional forums.
  • Fellows will be required to attend guest speaker sessions 1-2 times a semester.

Why Allegra Franco?

  • Each fellow will receive guided mentorship towards reaching their goal of becoming a Judaic Studies educator.
  • Fellows will be immersed in a vibrant Bet Midrash program helping to hone and advance their skills in Judaic Studies.
  • The program will provide a firm foundation that will empower fellows to not only teach Torah but to inspire others as well.
  • Upon completion of the above requirements, fellows will receive a scholarship up to $30,000 towards their Masters in Education. A Masters in Education will ensure that as an educator you have both the knowledge and the necessary skills to succeed in front of the classroom.

Three Year Curriculum Map

Courses marked in blue are cores. In addition to the two required cores each term, each fellow must choose one additional course to take. Makeup sessions will be available in the summer intensives. Makeups and missed courses will be discussed on an individual basis.


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